An Update From the Land of Rocks

2 Years on and I’m finally camping in Rocklands again. It’s a challenge, but also a dream that I’ve been creating post accident. Coming back to Rocklands for a longer stay has been drawing my curiosity and giving me an Aim to move towards. It’s beautiful here, Soul refreshing. But there is also a darkness here that I must engage with. There are Ghosts that I must placate. It is thus with the things that draw our curiosity. In a way this is the start of a greater quest, the rest of my life and what I will achieve with it after this cataclysm. I too am choosing to start this journey where the forest is darkest.

Walking in the mountains again at last. Photo by Fi Smit

Although difficult and challenging, I’ve found the time here peaceful and healing. The mountains are my home and rocks of ages past have not forsaken me. The energy of the climbers around me is inspiring, it’s good to connect to that and start to believe in it again. It has also been amazing to be able to walk in the mountain paths that are accessible to me. To watch the sun set in the mountains again has perhaps been more healing than I anticipated.

Walking out after sunset. Photo by Nicole Bosch

But by way of update since Im taking forever to write about this journey…

I’ve had my last surgery on the left knee to replace the Medial Collateral Ligament. The surgery went well, thankfully. Although it was the shortest acute recovery of all the surgeries it was possibly the most frustrating. Being back in a wheelchair for 3 weeks was hell. But we did that and now the knee feels more stable. Stable enough for me to be walking around in the campsite and some footpaths in the mountains.

Theoretically I still have 6 months of rehab to do. I can feel that I’m not yet close to recovering full strength and flexibility and have much to learn about the prosthetic. I’ll return to more formal rehab on my return to Cape Town. But the acute phase is over. And it was time for a change and a break from the grind.

Getting some decent training on the prosthetic. Photo by Nicole Bosch

The narrative section of this blog has also come to a pivotal milestone. So far I have detailed the accident, the period in ICU, the fitting of the Taylor Space Frame and the first week of Rehab. The next post on the narrative side will close out the hospital stay with the final weeks of rehab. I will continue to write narrative sections thereafter but the timeline won’t be as distinct. The density of new and relevant events lessened after the end of the hospital stay. As such I’ll be writing about specific events in isolation rather than keeping a more intact timeline.

Some of the events I have begun thinking about are:

  1. The Darkness of the last quarter of 2019
  2. The removal of the Taylor Space Frame
  3. The beginning of the prosthetic journey
  4. The First Knee surgery (probably in several parts)
  5. A sad but healing time at the end of 2020
  6. The second Knee surgery
  7. The camping trip to Rocklands

Thereafter the story is as yet unwritten.

Back in the mountains with my dogs. Photo by Nicole Bosch

The Concepts side of the blog will change too. I won’t be linking this last section of Narrative to the Concept I publish alongside it. Instead I will be writing about a list of ideas I call ‘Watsons’ Grimoire’. Its a list of Rules or Mantras or Affirmations or haikuish sentences that embody ideas which I have found helpful in life. If you’ve followed me thus far you’ll already know that these ideas have a degree of complexity behind them. I truly believe they could help you as they have helped me. It is in a way a summary of my philosophical view on life. The world we inhabit is a chaotic place so in attempt to keep myself orientated I read this list every day (ok its actually 71% of the time, statistically tracking your life is really interesting btw).

I continually update the list as my understanding of things changes or a better version of the phrase occurs or calls to me. I’m not claiming that the list exhausts all of the ideas needed to survive or thrive in this world but the process of keeping such a list and reading it almost every day has been a great benefit to me though this healing process. I strongly recommend that you consider doing it yourself. Robin Sharma once wrote that we should protect the garden of our mind, this process of maintaining and reading this list was for me like watering that garden so it can grow and flourish. I have updated the ‘Concepts’ page to reflect Watsons’ Grimoire. I have also linked the ideas to previous posts which have relevance to them.

I will be putting more effort into writing over the next few months now that the rehab schedule has changed. Hopefully Ill get a post out each week but lets see how that goes. I hope you stay with me on this crazy journey, till next time GL HF!


Photo by Jethro Watson

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  25. Hey Jeth, I am looking forward to following the next part of your journey. So glad you are back at Rocklands to breathe and be.

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