The Journey Commences

So this is new to me, if this Blog is new to you then you’re in the right place: The Beginning

This Blog is a story about my accident in Rocklands, a rock climbing paradise in the Cederberg, South Africa. There I would come to know what the meaning of fulfillment was and what is was to fall. On the 13th of July 2019, I was hiking out with a Friend, Nick, to a new boulder he wanted to climb. whilst hiking up towards the bouldering area, a large (or large enough) boulder precariously perched on a rock shelf about one and a half meters high dislodged and fell onto me, crushing both my legs.

After many hours of pain and shock the Doctors removed my right leg above the knee to save my life. A few weeks in ICU later and my left leg was set in an external fixator to heal the shin bone for 6 months. I had two major knee reconstruction surgeries to create stability in the knee joint. I researched, tested and learnt how to walk with a prosthetic leg. And did countless hours of rehab. I can currently walk but the mountains are still not fully in my reach…yet.

I am perhaps even more determined to overcome this challenge than I have been to overcome any challenge previously faced. Victor Frankl once wrote that the third aspect from which one might derive meaning in life is to overcome suffering and adversity. Perhaps then life’s meaning is greatest where there is the greatest adversity. This is by far the biggest Dragon I have had to vanquish and if that battle is the purpose that gives meaning to my life, then I accept it, voluntarily with my shoulders back and head held high. It is my responsibility to do so!

So why I am telling this story, isn’t it just another case of some careless climber injured in the mountain, ag shame? Well I don’t think so. Firstly, the changes I made in my life prior to the accident allowed me to achieve things I never dreamed possible; Secondly, my attitude post accident was inspiring to many people. I dared to begin to believe that what i had done up to that point was training for this accident and incidentally training for life. Lastly, by writing this Blog I hope to clarify some of the concepts, thoughts and practices I had cultured. By so doing I hope to allow others to learn from them and become inspired to get more out of life. To reach for their dreams, continuously and in the face of life’s unceasing tragedy and suffering.

If I can inspire just one person with the messages I leave here, then I would have succeeded in continuing what I see as the good in this world, improving the beauty of being itself!

So I have decide to structure this blog into four sections:

1)A Home Page (which you are currently reading). This will serve as a map for newcomers and returning readers if needed.

2) A Blog, Called ‘The Journey‘ which will contain two types of posts:

2.1) A narrative of my life just prior to the accident and, more specifically my experiences and emotions after the accident. These Narrative sections I hope to post every two to three weeks.

2.2)A more detailed look at some of the concepts, thoughts and practices witch were manifest during that section of the narrative.

Both of these sections will be published under ‘The Journey’ and will be categorized either Narrative or Concept for ease of retrieval under the category section

3) I have posted a list of short sentences, called ‘Watson’s Grimoire‘, which summaries or capture the ideas which I have found useful in Life. Each Idea is linked to posts which synergise with the idea or group of ideas. I will be writing a post on each idea over time to explain wtf is actually going on there. Maintaining and reading this list everyday has been of great help during this journey. I would like to challenge you to do the same. Use the ideas I discuss here as a starting point but include ideas of your own that you find powerful and helpful. I don’t believe that we can live a fulfilling life without doing at least a little thinking, so think then about the ideas that you would like to have in your life and reinforce them.

4)A list of links to various speakers, motivational videos and pages of people who have helped or inspired me on this journey.

I hope that you stay connected to this journey as it unfolds, It will certainly be interesting to see where it ends…